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Revolutionizing the Beverage Industry with NFTs

Written by Arian Rahimi

Autodidactic polymath with an interest in Blockchain and its alternatives for changing the way we live.

July 19, 2022

Part 1: There’s an NFT in my wine!
Part 2: The possibilities for the future of the brewing industry.
Part 3: Some of the NFT – beverage projects already taking off.
Part 4: Conclusion.

There’s an NFT in my wine!

When we think of luxury and alcohol in the same context,

The brews we think about are most often associated with luxurious chalices of crystal and metal and of course their age and brand, now what if I told you that the word “NFT” has recently been added to this high class vocabulary of beverages and spirits?

Yes, you heard me correctly, and not only that, they’re changing the industry in many ways, we’re going to explore these changes and opportunities in this article together.

The possibilities for the future of the brewing industry.

Ease of ownership & transference.

Traditionally, an owner of a luxury beverage would have the responsibility of the storage and transportation of their product with all the hassle that came with it.

What if I told you that by incorporating NFT technology in this industry, the only thing you have to pay for is the ownership of your beverages, a particular bottle can be traded 40 times a in one day, which would be impossible in any other way.

Basically by having the bottle stored and transferring the rights and not the bottle it self the process becomes way more efficient don’t you think?

Guarantee if originality.

For the Bon Vivants of finance and technology and who ever else has a fine taste in their dining experience, it’s absolutely crucial to make sure that your beverages are exactly what their suppliers are claiming to be, wouldn’t want a fake and diluted luxury wine served in our parties now would we?

That’s why through the trust less nature of the blockchain technology that underlies the functioning of NFTs, verifying the originality of a beverage could be as simple as scanning a QR code!

Imagine getting your phone out and scanning the unique QR code assigned specifically to your bottle just as fast as exchanging contacts and profiles on social media with the QR code.


Wanna buy a personalized luxurious bottle of red wine as a gift for your sweet heart? An unforgettable night sharing a bottle baring your wedding picture for your anniversary perhaps?

Well now you can! Customizability is the name of the game when it comes to NFTs!

Imagine the possibilities, a drink for every occasion, an investment with sentimental value, a remarkable gift for many people.

Some of the NFT – beverage projects already taking off:

World Wide Wine is a project that aims to revolutionize the way we buy, consume and exchange wine. Its decentralized system aims to revolutionize the industry for wine producers, consumers, collectors and buyers by offering a service that addresses issues across the entire value chain.

This next NFT project is powered by the incredibly fast polygon blockchain

WiV technology, specifically focuses on incorporating the aforementioned NFT – Wine concept into the metaverse

Wine is a very under-appreciated asset and it has historically outperformed many other traditional asset classes. the crypto market is famous for its risk and unstable values, thus by utilizing the relative stability and growth rate Often found within the wine industry and combining it with the trust less nature of blockchain technology coupled with its ease in the verification of identity and ownership, WiV technology hopes to serve the greater interests of people in both industries.

NFT wine club is another promising project, they are heavily invested in the meta verse and digital real estate, not only that, they sell real life vines tied to an NFT from their vine yard in California! This unique feature of NFT wine club among many others makes this projects one of the most promising, the strong community and the live events plus their dedication to the Meta verse and digital real estate are also good sign for a long lasting and thriving community for the wine lovers of the future.
As stated before, members get access to a real world vineyard in Napa, California while also having the opportunity of digital vine owner ship, wine reality game, educational workshops, and their annual NFT Wine Fest live event held in their vineyard each September.


The unparalleled ability of NFTs in the verification of ownership and identity has immeasurable implications for the future, right now we’re only witnessing the beginning of the immense potential this technology has, NFTs in the Wine and beverage industry are only the beginning in a long and promising journey on our collective way to the future, if the past few years are anything to go by, the future is going to be filled with increasingly wondrous
surprises , challenges and opportunities.

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